Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for travelling across the border?

Bring registration books or documents, as they are requested upon arrival at the border post. If the driver is not the registered owner of the vehicle, then a vehicle authorisation letter is required. Please note, in Mozambique vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road and by law all vehicles are to have two reflective triangles and a reflective vest in the case of an emergency. Don’t ever give your drivers license to a traffic official.

You will also need to take out third party insurance, the DriveMoz Facebook Group is very helpful with all this type of information.

Where can I buy my daily groceries?

Loja De Tashi is an amenities shop approximately 2km up the road from Cumbini, as you exit the resort turn right and follow the road down the big sandy hill to the garage. Loja De Tashi will be across the road on the right. It has almost everything you need, from toothpaste to meat to drinks, freshly baked bread and rolls daily.

What activities can we do in the area?

There are so many different activities to enjoy with in the bay, have a look at Our Favourite Activities.

Personally, we love lying on the beach all day, enjoying the sand and sea breeze. Becareful though, the sun here is very strong, so wear sunblock.

Is there a house keeper?

Yes, we have our loyal house keeper Maria, who will clean the house and wash and iron your clothes for you.

Can I drive on the beach?

This is a big NO. Please do not drive on the beach, as you will receive a very hefty fine from the Mozambican authorities.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. All water is from the resort borehole.

Are there nearyby restaurants?

There are plenty of restaurants along the beach. We have selected some of Our Favourite Restaurants here, but there are quite a few along the beach, feel free to explore!

Is there Wifi available?

There isn’t Wifi in the villa. However, data is cheap in Mozambique. The Taurus shop down the road normally has stock of cellphone lines and the friendly staff are always happy to help with setting up your phone.

Is there fuel available nearby?

Yes, there is a small fuel station approximately 2km from the villa.

Can I launch my boat?

There is a designated area for launching boats and jet skis within the bay. 

Is Malaria a concern?

Take precaution before the trip, there are a number of options for prescription drugs or natural remedies. If you feel flu-like symptoms ten days after the trip we highly recommend you see a GP. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets except our camping barracas. We do recommend insect repellent sprays (Tabard, peaceful sleep).

Do I need to pack linen?

All bedding is provided. Bath towels are provided, but please bring swimming or beach towels.


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